Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Stress

We all have an image in our head about what the holidays should be like – sort of like a Norman Rockwell painting, right? These fantasies also include a picture-perfect family and wonderful images of celebrations from our childhood. We want to capture what it felt like to be that young child. Because of this, we often have unrealistic expectations of our time, energy, money – and our children’s behavior.

Our schedules are already hectic, yet the holiday season adds more demands. We scramble to make to-do lists, buy every gift, bake every dish, pull out every decoration, get everything done.

The holidays also mark the passage of time for us with a heightened loss or loneliness for some. We also examine our personal gains and losses this time of year and we are also reminded of life stages and life changes.

Many of us have families who are scattered through the states and world – and changed family situations that can make the holidays difficult. When we do come together, the holiday season can be a catalyst for unfinished emotional business and gatherings may not always be pleasant. Yet, we expect families to get along, just like on commercials that come out at this time of year.

We work hard to make the holidays perfect for everyone and ignore our need for rest and rejuvenation.

So this year, give yourself permission to take it easy, relax and enjoy your family. And if you happen to burn the dinner rolls, then just cut the bottoms off and forgive yourself! You are perfect just the way you are!

Watch for more Holiday Survival blogs and share your ideas.

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