Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is Your Child an Underachiever in School?

Some children simply don’t perform in school nearly as well as they could. Every child, family and school is different, but these young people often tell counselors the following; “My parents expect too much.” “I can’t achieve their standards.” “I won’t try.” “I won’t play your game.” How parents can help:

· Adopt an attitude of love, support, caring and understanding. Build your child’s self confidence.

· Schedule a conference with teachers, counselors, principal and your child – permit the principal to act as an advocate.

· Consider a written agreement with consequences and periodic progress reports.

· Cooperate at home by helping your child get organized and providing agreed-upon rewards.

· Let your child be responsible. Don’t nag.

· Expand your relationship with your child.

· Be patient. The extra effort will be worth it!

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