Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Middle Childhood Development

Seven and eight-year-old children are in a stage of development often called middle childhood. They attend school and they enjoy mastering lots of new physical skills. They learn rapidly in school. The opinions of their classmates matter more than ever before and they begin to feel the effects of peer pressure.

This is a good time to review the rules and limits with your child. Let him help set some limits and rules, when appropriate. Children of this age can help solve their own problems. Be flexible and make changes when your child shows he or she can handle the change.

For example, this is a good time to discuss bed time. Seven and eight-year-olds often think bedtime is too early. Be willing to adjust bedtime by about 30 minutes with the understanding that you expect your child to: go to bed without complaints, get up in the morning without grumbling about being tired, and maintain good school performance.

Children need adults who care about them and will talk and play with them. These can be exciting years for you and your child. Plan activities to help children be more independent and have fun. You can help children be successful, to feel good about themselves, and prepare them to be healthy teens and adults.