Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Parent Question #4

How would you respond to this question?

The most effective way to keep a teenager safe is to:
A.      Monitor the places they go and whom they are with
B.   Keep them at home
C.   Put off letting them get their driver’s license.

Although we may want to keep them at home all the time where we can watch them, this isn’t a good way for a child to grow up. Not allowing them to get their driver’s license is not going to work, because eventually they are going to have to become independent and having a driver’s license is a big step towards independence.

Instead, research says that the strongest protector for teens is for parents to know who their teens are with and to know the families and the friends they are with.

Meet the parents of your teen’s friends. Communicate with them on a regular basis about your children’s activities and where-a-bouts.  Ask your teen’s friends question to get to know them so they will also know and trust you. Keep snacks in your home that your teen and his or her friends are welcome to eat.

Monitoring is about knowing where your child is and who he/she is with, and what he is doing. Using your heart when monitoring your teen is the key to connecting with and protecting your child.

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