Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Dads Should Read Bedtime Stories

Often, when teachers and other people involved with education talk about parental involvement, it’s assumed that they mean mothers. But research shows that children’s literacy levels improve substantially when their dads get involved with reading.

Dads and other male care givers are just as important as moms in encouraging children to enjoy reading and perhaps even more so when it comes to boys since reading is often thought of as a “girly” thing to do.

Dads can be role models and seeing them enjoy reading will help boys and girls alike to pick up a book and try it.

Children who have favorite books when they are young tend to do better in school. Regular reading for pleasure and enjoyment can be the foundation for educational success and good life long reading habits.

Now don’t worry dads, when your child reaches school they will have their own methods of teaching kids to read. You’re most important job for the first five years of their life is to spark an interest in books and show them how fun reading can be.

Dads can support children’s reading by:
¨ Talking to them about the world around them.
¨ Setting aside a certain time each day for shared reading.
¨ Singing songs to them.
¨ Taking them to the library.
¨ Playing word games.
¨ Involving them with your reading interests.


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