Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Organized for School

Tips for Getting Organized at Home for School

1.  Set aside a folder or box in a special place to keep school-related information.
2.  Put the school phone number and teacher’s name and number on the folder or inside the box lid.
3.  Make sure your children have supplies they need.  Keep extra supplies in a special place.
4.  Enlist your young child’s help in laying out school clothes at night.
5.  Decide on a weekday bedtime and stick to it.
6.  Decide how much TV and which program will be allowed during the school week.
7.  Help your child clean out his school bag once a week.
8.  Create a homework calendar.
9.  Leave lunch money in a designated place at the beginning of each week.
10.  Find out what specific topics your child will be studying during the year, then plan family                 activities to enrich the school curriculum.

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