Thursday, August 19, 2010

Channeling Your Child's Creativity

Curiosity is a wonderful, inborn gift that seems to be at its peak during the preschool years. Curiosity promoted learning, but it can frustrate parents. Curiosity killed the cat and it can also put children in dangerous situations. So how do you handle the good and bad of curiosity? You can catch yourself when you say “No” or otherwise correct your child for something. Write down the behaviors you have corrected. Keep a list for a few days.

For example, several times you had to tell your preschooler not to move the kitchen chair to the sink. When you hear the chair you come running and yelling, “No.” The child may think he is being punished for being curious, for wanting to learn. Remember, he doesn’t know the danger of moving the chair to the sink and climbing on it. He doesn’t understand the mess that might occur if he slops around the sink, or how he might be hurt if he fell. He doesn’t understand the danger involved if he decides instead to pull the chair up to the stove. He just wants to see what’s going on.

Children need to be able to safely explore and develop their curiosity. That’s a big part of wanting to learn. Expect him to want to explore. Each day you might let your child move the chair and do some activity at the sink with your supervision. Tell the child, however, that he may only move the chair when you are with him or when it is time – that special sink time. This rule will allow the child to meet his needs and you to meet yours.

As you notice the activities you have kept off-limits to your child, consider if such a compromise could work. With adult supervision, preschoolers can learn to do thing that would otherwise be dangerous or destructive. Curiosity is necessary for learning. The last thing any of us parents would want to see is our children just sitting around, content to watch the word go by without them! How can you channel your child’s creativity this week?

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  1. sink time is so much fun together


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