Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A few days ago I read a blog written by a mother of a grade school child. She was complaining about homework that teachers assign. Her view was that if the teacher expects the parent to help with homework, then the parents should be put on the school payroll.

Hard to believe, but some parents feel they have no responsibility in their child's education. Two of my daughters are third grade teachers and I just need to say this: Parents - you are a partner in your child's education. Teachers have a heavy workload, so please work WITH them, not against them!

Homework is an important part of your children’s education. It teaches them responsibility as well as how to follow directions, get organized, manage time, begin and complete a task, to work on their own, and practice what they are learning in class. However, most children would much rather be playing or doing other things than homework. Many parents and children struggle over when, where, and how homework will be done.

At times parents may feel that it would be easier just to do the work for their children just to get it over with. However, the National Parent and Teacher Association advises parents to let children do homework themselves. Remember, it’s THEIR homework. You may need to sit with elementary school age children and walk them through the process of how to study, help them organize the materials they need, and complete all their tasks. As you do this, you are laying the foundation for good study habits.

Parents can offer to help check homework, but helping is very different from taking over. You can also reinforce good habits by helping your child find a regular space to work and a regular time of day to do homework. Instead of asking if your child has homework every night, always assume that there is homework, reading or studying of some kind to be done.

As time goes by and your children’s confidence and dependability improves, they will understand the link between school success and homework.

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