Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 things kids can do in tough times

The Oregon State University offers another “10 things” list. This one is for things kids can do in tough times:
  • Don’t ask for new things. Be a cheerful family member. Think before you complain. Before you ask for something, think whether you really need it. Give lots of hugs.

• Help prepare meals at home. Learn to cook some foods. Help set the table or clean up after a meal. Open and close the refrigerator fast so the cold doesn’t get out.

• Take good care of your clothes. Hang them up or fold them. If they are still clean, wear them more than once before washing. Learn to sew enough to make simple repairs.

• Do your best in school. That will make you and your family feel really good. If you drive, good degrades can lower the cost of care insurance. If you want to go to college, good grades help your chances for a scholarship.

• Help your family save money by not asking them to drive you places. Ride a bike or walk when it’s safe and when you can.

• Saving energy saves money. Turn off lights, TV, or computer when no one is using them. Turn off water that is running or dripping from a faucet. Close outside doors to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. Help recycle what your family uses.

• Help someone else. Help at day camps or special events. Help sort food at the food bank. Help clean up your neighborhood.

• Plant or help take care of a vegetable garden. You can use a container to plant in, if there isn’t a garden spot. Share extra food you grow with a neighbor or a food bank.

• Ask your grandparents or a family friend if they have been through tough times before. Write a story about what they tell you. Play cards or board games with them. Do some chores for them.

• Find ways to have fun that doesn’t cost much money. You can borrow videos, books, game and music from the library. Learn a new skill that’s fun for you. Teach your skills to someone.

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