Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parenting Question #1

If you are having a bad day and yell at your children for no reason, you:

A. Should never apologize so your children don’t view you as weak.

B. Believe children should learn to stay out of their parents’ way.

C. Should apologize for yelling so your children will have a good model to follow.

Let’s talk about these answers . . .
If you answered A, think again. Children need to know you have a plan, will protect them and that they are safe with you. As a parent, you should teach your children how to apologize when they have done something that has disappointed someone – it’s a part of kindness and understanding. It’s OK for every to make mistakes (even parents), but it’s not OK to refuse to express regret.

If you answered B, let’s try it again! Your children are learning how to be an adult from watching you. Send a message that you are approachable and not scary. You can set clear boundaries if you have had a bad day, such as “I need 10 minutes by myself to re-charge.” In general, be an approachable parent.

If you answered C, way to go! Apologizing is good modeling for a skill you want them to learn. Teach them kindness and understanding by offering the same to them.

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