Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dad says; "My Kids Should Always Obey Me!"

This is the perfect irrational statement for fathers and it often creates more problems for their families. For many men, this kind of thinking takes them further and further from their kids and it creates a cycle of anger and frustration that is hard to break. But for those who’d like to learn to manage their anger can do so, especially if you follow these six steps.

·         Take responsibility for your own anger. The only person in the world that can cause you to get angry is you. Stop blaming others for your outbursts and look for strategies to improve you. Become familiar with warning signs that you are getting angry.

·         Stay aware of your body and the signals it gives you that you are about to lose your patience or get mad.

·         If you sense you’re going to get mad, then leave the area immediately. You can’t say or do anything you regret if you’re not there, right? Give yourself some time to process and think about the appropriate response to the situation.

·         Count to ten. This may seem old fashion but it is still effective and it allows you to calm down a bit.

·         Do something to reduce your stress every day. Whether its exercise, meditation, or reading, try to at least one thing to make you more relaxed before you get home.

·         Use deep breathing. When you feel the signs of anger coming on remember to breath. This will help to relax you and have a calming effect.

Remember - anger will happen in families. The key is to have the tools to minimize the effects of your anger on the rest of the family. If you struggle with anger, show your family you care, and practice the six steps above.

Source: www.fathers.com

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