Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fun with Language

Children communicate in many different ways. While most young children use words, some children with disabilities are not able to talk or communicate verbally. Learn about and use multiple forms of communication to support all children’s literacy development.

We can help all children learn to listen to, understand and use language by reading aloud regularly.

·         Choose interesting stories, poems, and magazines. Find developmentally appropriate computer software to provide children with another way to listen to stories, learn interesting words, and respond to directions and communication.

·         Make up language “clue” games. Ask children to name the “mystery fruit” for dessert; “It is round, juicy, and it has a peel.”

·         Invite children to look for print in the world around them, from street signs to cereal boxes.

·         Mix print and play. Create a dramatic play area with signs, shopping lists, menus, pads for taking orders, and other print and writing materials.

·         Focus on beginning letter sounds with word games like, “Look around, what begins with an ‘rrr’ sound?”

·         Play rhyming games; “I spy something you drink that rhymes with silk.”

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