Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Early Learning of Language and Thinking Skills

A baby’s early use of language includes crying, body movements and facial expressions. Around the age of 12 months, your baby will begin using words. By the time he or she is 3, he/she will be speaking in short sentenced of 3 to 5 words.

Your child is learning how the world works by playing and exploring. Through play, babies and toddlers learn about how things work and how to be good problem-solvers. You can support your child’s early learning and development of thinking skills through your everyday activities with baby:
·         Watch and listen to see how your baby communicates what he/she is thinking and feeling.
·         Repeat the sounds and words your child uses and have back-and-forth conversations.
·         Read, sing and tell stories. These are fun ways to help your child understand the meaning of new words and ideas.
·         Talk about what you do together – as you play, do errands, or visit friends and family.
·         As you carry your baby around the house, talk about what he/she sees, such as pictures on the walls and talk about what you are doing; “We are going to find your sweater in your room right now.”
·         Encourage your child to explore toys in different ways – by touching, banging, stacking and shaking.
·         Turn everyday routines into playful learning moments. For example bath time is a chance to learn about ideas like sinking/floating and wet/dry.
·         Follow your child’s interests. Children learn best through activities that excite them.
·         Ask your child questions that get him/her thinking as he/she near age 3. For example, when reading a book together, ask “Why do you think the girl is laughing?

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