Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back-to-School Parent Checklist

1. Begin the day right with a good nutritious breakfast-it’s important for kids to get off to
a good start every day.

2. Communicate with your child’s teacher as soon as possible by sharing positive
information about your child. Share your concerns, what you feel is working well for
your child, and ask for clarification if something is unclear.

3. Organize your calendar with upcoming school holidays and events.

4. Set up an area in your home for school papers – set up a file for each child.

5. Talk positively about school in front of your child. If you have a disagreement with your child’s teacher talk to them as soon as possible but don’t share the conversation with your child.

6. Provide a quiet place for homework that is free of distractions and help your child as needed, without doing the work for him.

7. Become familiar with your child’s school rules, policies and code of conduct.

8. With your child choose which after school activities are most important and really listen to your child when he/she talks to you.

9. Be consistent with home rules on play-time, meal time, and sleep time.

10. Read all information sent home by your child’s teacher and respond when requested.

11. Attend open houses and PTA meetings to become more informed about what is happening at your school.

12. If your child is sick, keep them home, but remember to call the school or send a written excuse (follow your school’s policy). Too many unexcused absences can affect your child’s grades, or raise concerns about absenteeism.

13. Even though your mornings can be hectic, always send your child off on a positive note with a smile and a hug, to set the tone for a great day.

Source: www.education.com

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