Thursday, August 22, 2013

Key Factors for School Achievement

Key Factors That relate to School Achievement
1.  Child’s motivation and self esteem
2.  Parenting styles
3.  The parent’s relationship with their child
4.  The parent’s relationship with the school

Tips for Building the Parent/Child Relationship
1.  Accept your child for who he/she is.  Avoid comparing your child to siblings or another child .
2.  Have standards and reasonable expectations for your child.
3.  Set reasonable and clear limits on behavior.
4.  Encourage your child to make his/her best effort.
5.  Show you have confidence in your child’s ability to solve problems and to do a good job.
6.  Praise his/her efforts and improvements in a sensitive way.
7.  Offer help when your child needs it, but do not do the work for him/her.
8.  Listen carefully to your child’s school-related issues and other concerns.
9.  Demonstrate your love through actions and words.
10. Be caring and supportive.
11.  Set a good example.

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