Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Parents' Negative Styles of Communicating

I say the same thing again and again

Yelling and screaming

I don’t let her have her say

I say, “Because I said so.”

Making threats I can’t (or won’t) follow through on

I become sarcastic

I get angry and frustrated

I am unable to really listen

I feel attached and get defensive

I take what my child says personally

I end the discussion because I’m so emotional

I am unable to end discussions when needed


I lose control and say terrible things

I hate to admit when I’m wrong

I usually back down

I’m too judgmental



I let things build up

I blow up completely

I am angry all the time

I don’t have any fun with my kids

My attitude towards her is very negative

I’m always nagging

I usually try to make him feel guilty & ashamed

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