Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reasons for Needing to Connect & Communicate

To have some influence

To understand

To make a request

To express feelings about their behavior

To teach family values

To check out how they are doing

To set limits and rules

To validate/praise positive behavior

To help them feel loved and valued

To enhance their self esteem

To be sure they don’t engage in dangerous behavior

To counteract the negative effects of media/peers

To see if necessary tasks are completed

To explain family issues/situations

To express our worries and concerns

To discipline or deliver a consequence of behavior

To help them understand the needs of others

To discuss the future

To remind them of responsibilities

To express dissatisfaction

To provide love and support

To gather information about what’s going on

To let them know we’ll be there for them

To get their opinions

To let them know our opinions

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