Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ways to get your kids to listen

I wait until he is ready to talk

We discuss subjects that interest her

I find quiet time for one-one-one talking

I ask her opinion

We discuss his friends and activities

I try to be positive rather than negative

I tell him how important the issue is to me

I tell her how I feel about her behavior

I tell her I want to focus on our relationship

I make time for us to talk

I treat him with respect

We go out to dinner once a week

I avoid the third-degree

I insist that she listen to me

I let him know I am not perfect

We always talk at dinner or dishes

He listens better to me when I listen to him

I leave the door open for conversation

I am clear about what I want from her

I sit on the side of his bed at night to talk

I ask about things that matter to her

I don’t tell her that her worries are stupid

I show an interest in his friends

I treat his friends with respect when they come over

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